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For more than 50 years, our Institution has been providing students with high-quality English Language teaching within a Programme starting off at the Early Years Foundation Stage, running through all Primary Education and culminating in Secondary Education. It is precisely in Secondary School that we add the teaching of Portuguese in the last three years, in compulsory double-schooling approved by DIPREGEP, in keeping with the requirements of the specialization of the high school stage "Economy and Administration".

In a globalised world that demands high educational standards, the work we do in English and Portuguese allows our students to reach communicative competence and it is one of the characteristics of our school that meets the needs of the community which we are inserted in.

The Trilingual Project uses effective teaching methods and strategies to provide students with a solid knowledge of both English and Portuguese in an integrated way, approaching the teaching of these languages from different subjects. This enables our students to acquire the solid training needed to face the difficulties which may arise at work in the future.

The learning of both foreign languages in our school enhances our students’ knowledge of their mother tongue and allows them to have access to other cultures, traditions and habits, enriching them, broadening their personal development and contributing to their respect of others.

Language conveys meaning; it allows us to interact and to share unique experiences. It is precisely while engaging in interaction that students develop responsible freedom, empathy and respect for points of view different from their own. These are the values our school aims to uphold.


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